Parent and Athlete Testimonials

"My 11 year old son has been working with Dani for personal fitness training for well over a year.  He has experienced SIGnificant improvement in his strength, endurance, balance and coordination.  He also chooses to set the bar higher for his goals and strives to meet and beat them!  NXT Generation is a high energy, cool, positive environment for kids to work on their fitness goals.  for my son, the results are not only evident at the gym, but also at school, P.E.m and in his theatre and dance classes.  It's Really incredible!" - Debby H., NXT GEneration Parent


"Coach dani's camps and classes inspire young kids!  She fosters a kind, athletic community where kids feel safe and challenged at the same time.  While working on coordination, strength and endurance, Coach dani' seamlessly teaches how to be a good teammate and friend to others. Kids naturally want to do their best for her all the time, it's the most amazing thing i've ever seen!" - Kyla W., NXT Generation Parent


"WE have been incredibly lucky to have coach dani in our life!  In the last 7 years she ahs been able to develop our son, hayden, from a child who couldn't jump rope and hated to sweat, into a strong, confident athlete that looks forward to every workout with her.  hayden has become a happy, COMPETITIVE, and very social young man through Dani's energetic physical activities and challenges.  she is truly in tune with our son and each child she trains with.  Her personality is as big as her heart!" - Andrea and Mark G., NXt Generation Parents 


"MS. Dani is truly an amazing fitness trainer.  As a student, the format of exercising is challenging and perfect.  Plus, if you want to run around downtown Sarasota, she will run with you. NXT Generation is an amazing fitness experience and I definitely recommend it." - Federico H., NXT Generation Parent 


"I love NXT Generation and Coach Dani!  She makes fitness fun.  When I leave, I always feel strong and confident." - Dexter C., NXT Generation Athlete


"I just want to thank Coach Dani for all of her hard work in working with my child.  She is always very encouraging and motivating in her classes.   Every week my son, Josh, looks forward to his gym time!" - Lissette E., NXT Generation Parent


"My son joined NXT Generation about 4 months ago.  The experience has been great and the benefits have been absolutely tremendous.  My son has gotten stronger, he's more motivated in school and his self confidence has blossomed.  Dani has a special knack of getting through to the kids and motivating them in ways we as parents could never dream of doing."  - Kisha T., NXT Generation Parent