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Nxt Generation is a youth fitness and wellness company that emphasizes on adolescent mentality through movement for a fit and focused Future.  

By instilling the importance of physical activity and a growth mindset TODAY, we will set the groundwork for a mindfully motivated individual TOMORROW.

our Mission at Nxt generation is to create a positive and uplifting environment for children and teenagers of all capabilities to become. 

Become a confident individual.

Become a positive presence.

Become a well-rounded student-athlete.

Become an every day inspiration.

Nxt Generation's purpose is to provide strategic coaching that allows for a defined focus on self-developmeNt, Physical fitness, and positive thinking through Health-minded classes, camps, and workshops.  




Danielle Williams, Founder/Coach

Chase Pettey, Marketing/Coach

Alli Williams, Lead Wellness Writer




Danielle Williams - Founder and Coach

Throughout her early life, Dani had been involved in competitive sports, physical training and exercise fitness.  In 2007, Dani graduated with honors from Bishop Guilfoyle High School in Altoona, Pa. As a student athlete at Bishop Guilfoyle, Dani qualified and participated in the Pennsylvania PIAA State Championships  in 3 different sports(basketball, soccer & cross country) through high school. In fact, during her senior year campaign, she was an important role on the 1A Pennsylvania State Basketball championship team.

Dani chose to attend Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA on a Division 1 athletic scholarship to run track & field and cross country. There, she was a four year letter winner in 3 different sports: indoor track & field, outdoor track & field & cross country.

Dani’s achievements and accomplishments at Saint Francis were not just limited to athletics. As a 4 year student athlete at a Division 1 school, Dani was named to the Northeast Conference Honor Roll and Saint Francis Dean’s List virtually each semester. Her dedication to hard work on the field enabled her to succeed in the classroom.  She participated in numerous extracurricular activities that centered on children with special needs, such as Best Buddies and Special Olympics.  The discipline and enthusiasm throughout her collegiate years set the tone for Dani’s present and future endeavors.

Even though she grew up around individuals with special needs and developed personal relationships with them, she never completely saw the world through their eyes.  In college, she began to see a little bit clearer.  Thanks to a young girl with Down Syndrome, Dani immediately changed her major and decided to become a Special Education teacher.  Throughout her life, she has dedicated most of her time and energy to living a healthy lifestyle.  As she got older, she began to understand that not every child gets the same opportunities that she was given.

Upon graduating Cum Laude from Saint Francis in 2011 with a dual degree in Elementary and Special Education, Dani moved to Florida and embarked on her new career at the a specialized school in Lakewood Ranch.  There she began teaching in a Transitional Kindergarten classroom as well as implementing and coaching their first-ever Physical Education program.  It was here that she began to see the positive effect that exercise had on children of all ages.  From that first year, Dani truly applied herself to finding a way to make a fitness program available for all kids in the community.  It was in the summer of 2012 where Dani and Kelly Karwatt decided to make it happen and co-founded Kids in Motion, a youth fitness company.  

From 2012-2016, Kids in Motion led weekly classes, 1:1 sessions, and seasonal camps through Definition Fit, a fitness studio located in Downtown Sarasota.  The gratification of helping a wide range of children ages 3-12 inspired Dani to begin offering services to teenagers.  

Fast forward four years as Kids in Motion has expanded to NXT Generation.  NXT Generation now provides health-minded classes, camps, and workshops to children and teenagers of all capabilities.

Today, Dani is happily co-teaching first grade full-time and developing NXT Generation to be the best it can be!

Chase Pettey - Marketing and Coach

Chase Pettey was always involved in sports growing up.  He always dreamed of playing football in college, but a serious back injury changed his course. Chase found his passion for fitness and overall well-being while he was bringing himself back to health. During his rehabilitation, he realized that he wanted to help others do the same. 

Chase attended school at Columbia College in Missouri. He moved to Florida continuing his education and is currently working to receive his CSCS (Strength and Conditioning Coach). He is a certified personal trainer and sports nutrition coach. Chase takes more of a scientific approach to fitness. He believes that kids/teenagers who work through specific, biomechanics are less prone to injury and will ultimately excel within their sport. 

Chase finds it extremely rewarding when he is able to have a positive impact on a kid/teenager's life. Chase believes valuable life lessons can be taught through sports and fitness. Whether that has to do with mentality, teamwork, and leadership, he believes they are all essential for an athlete's growth and development.


Alli Williams - Marketing and Lead Writer

Alli Williams is the younger sister to Dani Williams, the founder of NXT Generation. Alli is twenty-four years old and a graduate of Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA. Upon graduation, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with minors in Exercise Physiology and Healthcare Management. Instead of continuing school and pursuing a Master’s in Occupational Therapy, she chose to play professional basketball in Europe.

Alli ended her career as a two time All American and finished as the second leading scorer in Saint Francis University history. She was also the 11th player in NCAA history to reach 2,000 points, 1000 rebounds and 300 steals. Since college, Alli has played professionally in Greece, Germany and now Luxembourg.

Sports and physical activity have, and will always be, her priority and the center of her life. Sports and fitness have given meaning to her life; they are her passion and have given her so many amazing opportunities. Because of this, she believes it is truly beneficial for all kids to not only participate in sport, but to also be aware of what they can obtain on and off the court.


Noelle Wallwork- Youth and Teenager Yoga Instructor

Noelle grew up in Sarasota, Fl playing softball and practicing Tae Kwon Do. She played for the Riverview High School softball team, and upon graduating moved to Jacksonville, Fl to attend The University of North Florida. During the four years she spent earning her bachelors degree in Elementary Education, Noelle worked part time coaching children ages 2-11 in a variety of sports. While at UNF she played multiple intramural sports, with flag football being her favorite. In 2013 she suffered a back injury that caused her to take a break from the gym and intramurals. It was during that time that she began to practice power yoga. Within this practice Noelle found strength, confidence, and joy as her body began to grow stronger and more flexible than it had ever been during her years as an athlete. Many times within the first few months of practicing she wished she had access to yoga as a child. In February of 2015 she became certified to teach children’s yoga through Kidding Around Yoga. In the following months she got certified with the Yoga Alliance through a Baptiste power yoga training to teach adults as well. Noelle taught both children and adults in Jacksonville for about 8 months before moving back to Sarasota in the spring of 2015. She taught empowering vinyasa flow classes at Circusoul Yoga and also began working with Next Generation, teaching one-on-one yoga sessions as well as incorporating yoga into Coach Dani’s fitness classes. In August of 2016 Noelle moved to a small village in Guatemala to live and work in a yoga retreat center/intentional community. There she practiced and guided meditation and yoga classes daily for guests and other members of the community. Some practitioners had no experience with yoga at all, while others had years more experience than her. The six months she spent in Guatemala were challenging, fun, joyful, and full of growth. She learned to communicate even more clearly with students so all can have a safe, fun, and empowering practice. Noelle is extremely passionate about bringing yoga and mindfulness into children’s’ lives, and is grateful for every child she has the opportunity to work with. Her classes have an emphasis of non-judgment, self-love, and doing what you are capable of, and then building up through practice. Noelle believes that her part of her purpose is to help others believe in themselves, to find strength they didn’t know they had, and to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. Noelle believes that this is especially important for children and teens, as she knows first-hand how during that time in life it can be hard to see our own inner-greatness. Noelle doesn’t unlock this greatness for you, she simply gives you the tools to build your own key.